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Jim Vandelly sent these two photos September 14, 2007, from Michigan's
Upper Peninsula. He played that day at the long term care facility at
Ontonagon, Michigan.



He wrote: Just got back on Wednesday from Boise, Idaho where I played for a
wedding and reception (2 days!) on someone else's accordion. It was nice
to get back to my own instruments.


On vacation in Sicily in summer 2007, Ben and Brigitte Valenti came across
this accordionist -- a "shekaredo" in Sicilian dialect -- with his pony in the
small village of Erice.


He was very gracious and played many numbers for us.


Mara's friends Reuben Wade and Janice Smith saw this mermaid
at the harbor in Victoria, British Columbia, in July 2007.



Luis's visit to Mexico City December 2007.



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