Premiere of Jeff Krulik's Legend of Merv Conn at the American Film Institute's SIlver Theatre
Silver Spring, MD, February 18, 2007 - page 3

Heller's Bakery (Mount Pleasant Street, DC) made a cake to look like
the old sign from Merv's 14th Street accordion school.
Photo by Dean Evangelista

The co-conspirators. Photo by Dan Grauman


Joan and Dan Grauman
Photo by Dan Grauman
's stand-in


Manny Bobenrieth
Photo by Dan Grauman

Jeff with his parents in the lobby
Photo by Dan Grauman

Karen and Joan with the WMAS banner
Photo by Dan Grauman


Joan shows Merv the scrapbook she made him to commemorate the event.
Photo by Dan Grauman's stand-in

Joan and Dale at the WMAS table in the lobby
Photo by Dan Grauman

Merv said he was turning "78 backwards."
Photo by Dean Evangelista


We never did cut the cake. Instead, Jeff's parents took it --
and several dozen cupcakes -- home to store in the freezer.
We served them at the encore screening a week later.

Photo by Dean Evangelista

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