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September 24, 2006


Meeting Notes

We had a great turnout for our September 12 dance night, which featured wonderful accordion music -- and stories. This was a meeting we did not spend a lot of time planning, yet it was as fun as ever, and there was lots of time for visiting after the program.

We are sad that Ben and Brigitte Valenti have moved to Florida, and that the October meeting is Vladimir Titarenko’s last. But we’ll remain in touch, and we are glad to welcome new members, too. One of them, Peter Fuehres, played at the September meeting, and we look forward to hearing more from him. Also, Mary Smith, a student of Barbara Lockett, made her debut in front of the group (with a little back-up). Mary’s whole family turned out for the occasion, and she did a great job! Others who played that night were Peter DiGiovanni, Robert Ford, Joan Grauman, Robert Jusczyk, Joe Kulick, and Ken Kunec.

Next month Jim Vandelly and Vladimir will entertain us with some Russian music. If you would like to participate or have a favorite Russian song that you would like to play, please reply to this email. After the program we will run through the music for the December 3 holiday concert.

November 10 is rock ‘n’ roll night. We haven’t tried this before, but it should be fun. So start brushing up on your favorites – we’re using rock ‘n’ roll in the very broad sense – and dig your blue suede shoes out of the closet.

If you have an idea for our December program, please let us know.



Oktoberfest Concert with Dale Wise

Saturday, September 30, 2006, 6 pm
5 pm reception
Christ Church Episcopal
(The Home of John Philip Sousa)
620 G. St. SE (Near Marine barracks on Historic Capitol Hill)
Washington, DC

Tickets $15

T-shirts that read "I AM PRO ACCORDION AND I VOTE" will be for sale @ $10.

More information at accordionplus@aol.com or joyce.palmer@att.net.

From Lou Coppola:

A drummer, sick of all the drummer jokes, decides to change his instrument. After some thought, he decides on the accordion. So he goes to the music store and says to the owner, "I'd like to look at the accordions, please." The owner gestures to a shelf in the corner and says "All our accordions are over there." (Imagine that, a store that stocks accordions).

After browsing, the drummer says, "I think I'd like the big red one in the corner." The store owner looks at him and says, "You're a drummer, aren't you?" The drummer, crestfallen, says, "How did you know?" The store owner says, "That `big red accordion' is the radiator."