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November 9, 2014


Meeting Notes

Fall is upon us! Our Oktoberfest on October 19 drew a record number of people and a fantastic lineup of performers, many in Bavarian garb. Greeters Karen and Luis Uribe launched the party, then handed the mic to Ken Kunec, our favorite master of ceremonies/standup comic. We were pleased to welcome two young musicians to the “stage”: eleven-year-old accordion and buttonbox (Steirische Harmonika) whiz Cody McSherry, from Pennsylvania, who with his family experienced his first WMAS meeting; and Michael Leggett, another wonderful young buttonbox player, who also attended with his family.

A range of other club members played waltzes and polkas, and ran through a set of traditional Oktoberfest songs toward the end of the event. Joan Grauman still has a few of the WMAS Oktoberfest books left and will bring them to the November meeting. We are asking $3 a piece for these books.

Thanks go to all of you, and to Herb Fredrickson and his “Bayrisch and Steirisch” dance group, for entertaining and teaching us.

By the way, you can catch Michael Leggett every Wednesday evening from 6 to 9 pm through December at the Old Europe Restaurant, 2434 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20007, (202) 333-7600, http://www.old-europe.com/.


Next Meeting

Our November meeting is only a week away, on the 16th, at 4 pm at Sleepy Hollow United Methodist Church.

As is our tradition each November, Jim Vandelly will perform a short concert, after which the Holiday Orchestra will rehearse for the first time, under the direction of Joan Grauman. More information on the Holiday Concert and rehearsals is below.

Yimeng Huang will be the greeter, starting about 3:45.

Jim will be looking for volunteers to help him demonstrate variations of the piece, “Brightly Shines the Moon,” by the way.


Latest on the Holiday Concert

As you know, we will only have the use of the church until 6:30 on December 14, so we are moving the concert up and dropping the post-concert potluck in favor of desserts and snacks.

So … the concert will start at 2:30 pm, following a mandatory rehearsal at 12:30 pm. After the formal part of the concert we will ask everyone to move into the lobby for a short while so we can set up the room for refreshments. We’ll have live entertainment out there, so no one should mind. We will then invite everyone back into the hall for refreshments and more live music, and maybe dancing.

We will not charge for the concert this year but we will be asking for donations for the church. After all, it will be Christmastime, we are not asked to pay rent, and the church could use some help with its programs, including one for the homeless that same Sunday evening.

Please plan to bring desserts and other light refreshments that do not require the use of the oven or stoves, as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Our volunteers will still decorate the room and we will have beautiful centerpieces, created by Connie Racioppa, that we’ll auction off after the concert.


Rehearsal schedule for the Holiday Orchestra

November 16, during the WMAS meeting
December 7 at 4 pm (rehearsal only)
December 14, 12:30pm (mandatory), before the 2:30 concert


Music Flea Market

Joan Grauman will be bringing old sheet music, music books and other music-related items to the November WMAS meeting for the 4th annual Music Flea Market. Joan donates all the proceeds to youth-related music programs/funds.