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November 6, 2011


Meeting Notes - Vladimir Mollov in Concert October 16

Vladimir Mollov could be the best thing yet for the image of the accordion in the United States. The gifted young musician demonstrated his virtuosity and the instrument’s versatility as he enchanted listeners with selections drawn from many countries and many centuries. When Vladimir’s wife, violinist Annie Moger, joined him for a portion of the concert, the effect was spellbinding.

Vladimir was born in Bulgaria in 1983 to a family of self-taught wedding musicians. He took up the accordion as a young child and quickly excelled. At age 13 he placed fourth in an international competition, working up to first place in later, important competitions.

After immigrating to the United States, Vladimir played for four years with the renowned Duquesne University Tamburitzans. Some of us have seen him perform at recent American Accordionists’ Association festivals and other venues. Annie, his frequent duet partner, is also a Tamburitzans alumna.


The October 16 program:

Storm by Richard Galliano (French, born 1950)

Aria by Jean-Baptiste Lully (French, 1632-1687)

Perpetual Motion by Paganini (Italian, 1782-1840)

Fantaisie by Andre Astier (French, born 1923)

Work in Progress by Vladimir Mollov

Omaggio ad Astor Piazzolla by Vladimir Zubitsky (Ukrainian, born 1953)

Waltz for Margaux by Richard Galliano (French, born 1950)

Ruchenitsa (Bulgarian folk dance in 7/16 time) by Vladimir Mollov

Concerto in D minor for Violin, Flute, and Harpsichord by Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678 -1741)

Hejre Kati by Jeno Hubay (Hungarian, 1858 –1937)

Copanitsa (Bulgarian folk dance in 11/8 time)

Variations on Russian tunes by Viktor Gridin (Russian, 1943-1997)

Following the concert proper, Vladimir performed Bulgarian folk dances with his brother on clarinet and a friend on flute. Joan Grauman and her friend Lorna danced to some of the pieces.

If you were unlucky enough to miss this concert, look for Vladimir and Annie on YouTube.

Thanks to Jim Vandelly for these photographs!



Next Month

The November meeting – at 4 pm on the 20th at Sleepy Hollow United Methodist Church – will feature a concert by our own Jim Vandelly followed by a rehearsal for the Holiday Concert (more below). Please put this date on your calendar and plan to join us. As always, we encourage you to bring refreshments to share, and to volunteer to help set up and clean up.


Holiday Orchestra Update from Joan Grauman

I handed out the music for this season’s Holiday Orchestra at our October WMAS meeting. If you were not at the meeting and would like to participate, please write to me at joangrauman@verizon.net and I will send the music to you. As always, we encourage everyone to participate in the Holiday Orchestra, which will perform in the WMAS Holiday Concert at 4 pm on Sunday, December 11. If the music seems difficult, just play the top notes in the chords. Also, please play only Part 1 of The Lonely Accordion (A and B), as I will be making a few changes to Part 2.

I look forward to seeing you at 4 pm on Sunday, November 6, for our first rehearsal!


iPad Sheet Music Stand for Strolling

If you were at the October 16 meeting, you probably noticed Clay Bobrowski and Dick Dangel’s great new invention. The two – both retired engineers -- have figured out a way to mount an iPad loaded with music directly onto an accordion without harming the instrument.

Dick is the one who came up with the idea. He mentioned it to Clay, and the two spent some time thinking about desirable features, such as music readability, ergonomics, non-destructive mountability, and aesthetics. The first version of the device was constructed from a coat hanger and cardboard. Clay designed the final product: an assembly that holds an iPad and is mounted, using Velcro, on the treble side of the accordion. The iPad is tilted back at a 55-degree angle and extends outward to the right of the grille. This particular combination of angle and position turns out to be very comfortable for viewing the music, according to the inventors. The entire device, including the iPad, weighs two pounds.

Dick had the task of scanning sheet music into the iPad -- more than 1,000 pages -- using basic Adobe software to annotate the music. Other programs can add page turning and scrolling capabilities, he noted.

Many WMAS members who saw the device asked how to buy one; however, they were looking at the only one in existence. Plans for wider distribution are underway, though. (Maybe we should hold a competition to find a catchy name for the device.)

In the left-hand photo below, Dick Dangel reads music from the device. At right, Clay Bobrowski and Dick Dangel outside Sleepy Hollow United Methodist Church on October 16.


Accordionist Needed

Singer Robin Phillips is looking for an accordionist to accompany her. One who sings would be even better. Robin worked with Carmelo Pino for years. Please contact her at 703-288-9243.


Accordionists Needed for First Night Raleigh (NC)

I produce First Night Raleigh and am looking to hire some accordion players for our event New Year’s Eve. Let me know if you may be available/interested.

Terri Dollar
Program Director
Artsplosure/First Night® Raleigh/Arts Alive Raleigh
919.832.8699 X 802 (office)
919.832.0890 (fax)