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November 20, 2013


Meeting Notes

Jim Vandelly showed us a good time at the November 17 meeting, performing mostly Russian songs and mostly on his bayan. As he explained, whether the song was called “In the Blacksmith Shop” or “The Birch Tree,” the topic was usually women, though possibly not for the song called “The Mosquito.” One particularly beautiful piece was “Katarina,” composed by Jim for his wife Kathy. And three of the pieces – “Ellin Polkka,” “The Moon Is Shining,” and “Podgorka” – were duets with Peter DiGiovanni.

Frank Vidergar got the meeting off to a lively start. He played a number of Slovenian polkas and waltzes on his three-row button accordion, and a few people couldn’t help but find a partner and dance.

Joan and Dan Grauman set up a flea market, selling sheet music, music books, tchotchkes, accordion straps, and other items. The proceeds will go into a college fund for the children of accordionist Amy Hatfield, who died suddenly not too long ago.

After the break, the Holiday Orchestra rehearsed, and Joan distributed CDs of all the concert pieces. She recorded the pieces so that each orchestra member can practice along with the CD, and at the same time get used to the tempo, dynamics, road map, etc.


Holiday Concert

As you know, our annual Holiday Concert & Potluck is scheduled for Sunday, December 15, at 4 pm. Please put the date on your calendar and send the attached flyer to your friends and family – we definitely want to fill the hall for this fun and festive event.

More instructions will follow, but here are the basics: Members can help out by coming early to set up, bringing potluck offerings (main dishes and vegetables/salads especially welcome), and staying late to clean up. Also, bring your wallets: the Graumans will be bringing back the flea market, with more items, that day.

If you are in the orchestra, we will be rehearsing twice more: at 4 pm on Sunday, December 8, and at 2 pm on the day of the concert. Please make every effort to be at those rehearsals. Even if you are an expert musician, playing with a group is quite different from playing solo because you have to follow the conductor and everyone has to play exactly the same thing in the same way at the same time. Therefore, you absolutely need to rehearse with the group (as well as on your own at home). If you missed the November 17 rehearsal, please contact Joan at joangrauman@verizon.net about getting a CD (see above).


Upcoming Events

Washington Balalaika Society Concerts
Saturday, November 23, 8 pm
F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre
603 Edmundson Drive
Rockville, Maryland

Sunday, November 24, 3 pm
Kenmore Middle School
Kenmore Performing Arts Center
200 S. Carlin Springs Road
Arlington, Virginia

Tickets are $25 for adults, $20 for seniors, and $15 for students. Children 12 and under are free. See www.balalaika.org or contact Peter DiGiovanni at 703-919-5701 or peter@musicisforever.com for specially priced tickets.


Potomac Ensemble at Dublin Roasters Coffee
Saturday, December 7, 1-3 pm
1780 N. Market Street
Frederick, Maryland