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May 27, 2006


Meeting Notes

The May 9 meeting was smaller than usual but just as fun. Peter DiGiovanni presented a workshop on chord progressions, beginning with a review of intervals and the "circle of fifths" and explaining how a feel for these can be helpful in understanding chord progressions. Peter encouraged us to study the music we currently are playing to learn to recognize where the bass notes and chords fall on the circle, and how the chord progressions are structured.

Fully understanding the circle of fifths also will help boost our self-confidence in playing the bass notes and chords, particularly when sight reading or playing by ear, since the layout of the accordion’s bass buttons is based on the circle of fifths, Peter said.

He distributed a handout with examples of chord progressions for some well-known songs, including “Carnival of Venice,” “Down by the Riverside,” “Jamaica Farewell,” the Oscar Meyer jingle, “Heart & Soul,” “Five-foot-two” and “Mr. Sandman.” These examples illustrated varying degrees of movement around the circle of fifths, the use of both major and minor chords in the progressions, and simple chord substitutions.

“Peter gave us a chance to assimilate the information and try it ourselves,” according to Karen. “It was a fun and practical workshop.”

Thanks, Peter!


Spring Concert June 13

The June 13 Spring Concert is almost upon us, and we still need people to sign up to play for five minutes.

Here’s the line-up so far:

Dan. Darrikhuma - "The Lord's Prayer" and "Hot Points"

Vic Aijala - TBD

Paul Przedpelski – Irish Medley

Peter DiGiovanni – TBD

Phil Fox – TBD

Mara, Rick and Adam – a Scandinavian waltz and schottische

Potomac Ensemble – four pieces

Stella and Joan – TBD

Vladimir Titarenko, Peter DiGiovanni and Jim Vandelly - TBD

Jim Vandelly - TBD

Mara, Leone and Clare – two doo-wop songs

If there’s extra time after the concert, we’ll have a jam session, so everyone gets a chance to play.


Meanwhile, we hope to see everyone next Friday (June 2) at the Frank Marocco concert. All pertinent information is on the calendar, or contact joangrauman@comcast.net. Please note that the potluck is canceled.


If you haven't yet paid your dues for 2006, please do so. Either bring a $15 check to the next meeting or email mcherkasky@verizon.net for a mailing address.