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March 29, 2012


Meeting Notes

Seattle accordionist Bonnie Birch stepped off the red-eye at Dulles early Sunday morning, March 18. Then, in the early afternoon she appeared fresh-faced and ready to perform with her Petosa. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the show, a series of medleys in a variety of genres, enough to want to take it home with them: they bought almost all the CDs Bonnie had brought along.

After the concert, audience members had a chance to chat over refreshments and then play some Irish tunes together, under the direction of Joan Grauman and Peter DiGiovanni.

Here is Bonnie’s program:

- Irish: “Andrea’s Waltz,” “Danny Boy,” and some jigs

- Italian: Puccini’s 1918 “O Mio Babbino Caro”; Rossini’s 1830 “La Danza”; Gino Redi’s 1950s-era “Non Dimenticar”; Tosti’s 1886 “Marechiare”; plus “La Gazza,” a mazurka, and a Sicilian tarantella

- Norwegian: Grieg’s “Hall of the Mountain King” from the 1875 Peer Gynt Suite; “Lardvick’s Polka,” written by Grieg at age 15; and the modern “Caffe Peter’s Polka”

- French: “Valse d’Amelie” from the 2001 film Amelie; themes from Bizet’s 1875 Carmen; and the theme from the 1966 film A Man and a Woman

- Latin: Brasileirinho,” a 1947 choro by Waldyr Azevedo; and Jose Belmonte’s 1952 “Ecstasy Tango”

- Russian: “Brooklyn Memories” and “Dark Eyes”

- Classic Fusion: Led Zeppelin’s 1971 “Stairway to Heaven” and Mozart’s “Turkish March,” composed about two centuries earlier

- Classic American: “You Go To My Head,” written by J. Fred Koots in the 1930s and enhanced with Frank Marocco bass chords; and “Vanessa,” by Berne Wayne, who also wrote “Here She Comes, Miss America.”


Next Meeting

Our next meeting, on April 15 at 4 pm, will feature Peter DiGiovanni’s group Russkiye Musikanti in a short concert and workshop/jam session. Peter will hand out sheet music, so please bring your accordion. We enjoyed Russkiye Musikanti a few years ago, and look forward to hearing and working with them again. Note that the meeting time will go back to its usual time: 4 pm. As always, we will be at Sleepy Hollow United Methodist Church in Falls Church, Virginia.

Please bring refreshments to share. Also, as usual, we welcome your help in setting up and cleaning up. A bonus: Joan will be bringing back the “flea market”: more old sheet music, music books, LPs, CDs, etc. All proceeds will go to the AAA Youth Jazz Program.


Are You Missing a Jacket?

Lee Paulson reports finding a black quilted jacket on a table by the door when she was closing up the room after the March 18 concert. She wasn’t sure whether it belonged to one of us or to a church member, but she hung it in the closet and you can retrieve it from there.


Frank Marocco’s Service

As you probably know, Frank Marocco died March 3. His service was recorded and is available for listening online, at:

If you would like to send a note to the family, here’s an address:

Anne Marocco
7063 Whitaker Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91406