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March 30, 2006


Meeting Notes

Several members have suggested we plan more programs that give everyone a chance to play together. Accordingly, Jim Vandelly offered to hold a workshop on nuances and experimentation at the March meeting. This involved his providing sheet music -- for the theme to the "Carnival of Venice" -- and leading us through the basic piece and several variations. Those capable to playing the music as written did so, while the others played just the melody or something in between. In any case, everyone could participate, and it was a fun exercise. Afterwards, Jim played us a few selections, and then Joan Grauman taught two pieces by ear: a Russian piece called "Korobushka" and, in honor of St. Patrick's Day later that week, "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." Thanks, Jim and Joan.

Everyone agreed we want to have more workshops like this one, and more by-ear playing, too. Next month (April 11), Eric Schwarz is in charge of the program, which he's calling “Using the Accordion to Get the Feel of Life.”

The new banner made its debut at the meeting, to general acclaim.

Joan asked everyone to put Friday, June 2 on their calendars. At 8:00 that evening, West Coast jazz accordionist Frank Marrocco will present a concert at the Masonic Temple in Silver Spring. A potluck for members of the Washington and Maryland accordion clubs will precede the performance. More details on this event are on the WMAS calendar.

The executive committee will be meeting this weekend to discuss concerts and special events. If any of you have something to say on this topic, please reply to this email.

Also, if you haven't yet paid your dues for 2006, please do so. Either bring a $15 check to the next meeting or email mcherkasky@verizon.net for a mailing address.