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July 1, 2014


Meeting Notes

June 15 was our club’s annual spring concert. Given that it was Fathers’ Day, the concert centerpiece had to be the father-daughter duo of Robert Ford on accordion and Rocio Ford on castanets. Both are awesome musicians! But that is not to say that we didn’t have many other marvelous performances by members who are fathers and members who did their fathers proud. The concert lineup also included Ken Kunec, master of ceremonies and performer; young Kerry Zhu in duet with his teacher, Mike Rubin; Yimin Zhuang; Suzanne Shayt; JoAnn Pankow; Lou Silvia, Meryl Benenati and Karen Uribe trio; Yimeng Huang; Bob Juszyzck; Pat Racioppa; Peter DiGiovanni; the Potomac Ensemble; and Karen and Luis Uribe.

Thanks to everyone who participated, brought snacks, managed the kitchen, helped set up and clean up, and sat and listened! We appreciate all of your contributions! Thanks also to greeter Joan Grauman for her cheery set of Italian pieces.

Speaking of greeters, we still need one for the July meeting. Here’s your chance to try out the new pieces you’ve been practicing, in a relaxed setting. (Old pieces are fine, too!) Please reply to this email if you would like to be the July greeter and play from 3:45 until about 4:05 pm. You won’t get another chance until November, as September and October are already spoken for.

AAA Festival

It’s not too late to register to attend the American Accordionists’ Association Festival, which will take place July 9 to 13 in Tarrytown, NY. You can register for the entire weekend or for just one event, at www.ameraccord.com.

Next Meetings

Don’t forget: we will not be meeting in August, but we have a great program planned for July.
Our July 20 meeting will feature a hands-on workshop by Yimeng Huang called “Tips for Becoming a Better Accordionist.”

Yimeng describes herself an intermediate-level accordionist. In her workshop, she will share some of the methods she has learned that helped improve her playing. The focus will be on the basics, such as timing, articulation, left-hand playing, bellows control, and dynamics.
It is Yimeng’s goal to show that the typical “minor flaws” many amateurs have might not be minor at all, and are fixable. She will demonstrate this with practical examples from her own experience and show the ways she practiced in an effort to correct the imperfections.
Although the target audience for this workshop will be beginner- and intermediate-level accordionists, Yimeng would like more advanced players to participate as well, and to share their experiences and views.

Yimeng played the accordion as a teenager in China, and was mostly self-taught. She arrived in the United States in 1985 as a graduate student, and now works in information management and training in a large international organization. She took up the accordion again several years ago and for the past few years has studied with Frank Busso, Jr., the accordionist with the Air Force Strings. Yimeng has won several awards in the AAA Festival Adult Solo competitions, including first place in Ethnic Solo (2010 and 2012) and first place in Open Solo (2013).

Bring your accordions! A jam session will follow the workshop.