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January 17, 2006


Notes from the President

Who knew that accordionist/chiropractor Bob Duca was also such a showman! Dr. Duca's presentation at our Jan. 10 meeting on how musicians can prevent injuries was entertaining as well as informative. And it was useful: accordionists are right up there next to violinists when it comes to repetitive motion and other types of injuries.

Some of Bob's tips for preventing common injuries included:
- storing your instrument on an elevated surface (such as a table) instead of on the floor to save wear and tear on your back when picking the accordion up and putting it on;
- using a proper chair when playing seated;
- leaning against a stool when playing standing up;
- warming up properly (for example, running your hands under warm water);
- using proper technique when playing (including keeping your wrists straight, keeping your head up, and placing your feet flat on the floor); and
- using proper straps.

Thank you, Dr. Duca!

Although a couple of people had signed up to play after the program, we just had an informal jam session. I was very pleased that some of the beginning students felt comfortable playing with several of us. Our meetings present a great opportunity for people to work together to improve their accordion skills and, of course, to just have fun making music together.

Clay brought some wonderful Latin tunes that we will distribute next month. If you have some music at home and would like to share it with the group, please bring it.

Thank you to those who brought snacks to the Jan. 10 meeting. We will have a large birthday cake at the Feb. 14 meeting, but it would be great to have some Scandinavian treats as well.

February Program

Our February 14 meeting should be great fun. It will be our third birthday and we will be celebrating with a Scandavian night that will honor Lee Simonson, our dear friend who died last spring. Vic Aijala, Lee's duet partner, will play a number of Finnish and Swedish pieces and also show a video of last year's Finnish accordion competition -- which he says will knock everyone's socks off. A few other people will round out the program: Rick, Mara & Adam; Jim Vandelly; Bob Juszczyk; Lee Paulson; and Peter DiGiovanni.

Much of the music will be dances, so please bring your dancing shoes. We're also letting the Scandinavian folk dance community know that we will have live dance music.

March Program

On March 14, we will have our rescheduled program with Eric Schwarz: "Funny Sounds the Accordion Makes."



Executive Committee

The executive committee will meet at Karen's at 4 pm on Sunday, Jan. 22.

AAMS Festival

Everyone who's attended an AAMS festival will tell you it's worth going -- sort of like a big accordion pajama party. The Potomac Ensemble is planning to perform at one of the concerts during this year's March 3-5 event, so you'll also be able to cheer on the home team (or be part of it) if you go. More information is at http://www.aamsaccordionfestival.com.

Membership Renewal

If you haven't renewed yet, please do so. And if you haven't received your membership card, please let Peter DiGiovanni know (peter@ezhomesale.com). A new membership directory is in preparation.

Lost Music

Brigitte notes: I think there is a page (or pages) missing to Tra Veglio Sogno (Dreaming * Lost In Illusion). I have page 53 and another, unnumbered page, which I think is page 54. Can the person who contributed this piece please get us a copy of the missing page(s)? Thanks.

Music at Mount Pleasant (DC) Library

Rick and Mara will play accordion duets, accompanied by Adam Carter Nafziger on guitar, this Saturday morning at the library.

Where: Mt. Pleasant Library, Lamont St. at 16th St. NW, in the children's room (second floor)

When: Saturday, Jan. 21, 11 am - noon

Program: mainly Irish, Scottish and Scandinavian tunes to warm your bones on a (potentially) cold winter day