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February 19, 2011


Meeting Notes

About 100 people turned out to celebrate our club’s eighth birthday last Sunday, February 13, and many agreed this was our best party yet. We had lots of good music – and dancers! This time we started with some Israeli circle dances, taught by Joan Grauman, to break the ice and get people out of their chairs. This tactic seemed to work because the floor stayed full, or at least partly full. It probably also helped that ringmaster Ken Kunec threatened to keep playing until people danced.

Thanks to all who contributed by playing, dancing, singing (new member Joan Haberek knows all the old songs), telling jokes, bringing snacks, showing up, setting up, and cleaning up. Oh, and to the Zadnik granddaughters for helping out by picking door prize tickets out of the basket.

For next month’s meeting, please don’t forget that we’ve changed the date to March 6. This will be a 70th birthday tribute to Dale Wise. Dale has been so generous to our club and many of our members individually, with instruction, conducting, emceeing, invitations to his farm, accordion repairs, workshops, the opportunity to perform in his concerts, and friendship. The March 6 meeting will be more than a party, though; Dale will also present a workshop, probably on chord progressions, so please bring your accordions. Afterwards sheet music will be distributed for jamming.


Membership Renewal Time

It’s time to pay up for 2011: $20 for an individual membership or $30 for a family (household). Thanks!


Brats on Board

Here’s something for tomorrow evening – from the Dairy Godmother in Del Ray.

The first of two brat nights will be held February 20th from 6-8 pm. We will be open until our usual hour of 9 pm for custard and all our usual items.

Brat night includes live accordion music featuring Paul Przedpelski, Johnsonville brats, sauerkraut with apples, German potato salad, and just a bunch of Wisconsinites and locals. First come first served!

Buckle on that Championship Belt and celebrate the Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl victory! Flash that cheesehead! (Note to locals: If you have a low tolerance for this sort of thing you might want to skip this brat night.) The next brat night is March 20th.

The Dairy Godmother
2310 Mount Vernon Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22301


WMAS Dinner-Dance

On Saturday, April 16, from 6 – 9 pm, WMAS is hosting an Italian dinner-dance at Marco Polo Restaurant, 245 Maple Avenue W., Vienna, Virginia. The event will feature live Valtaro Musette music by accordionists Dominic Karcic and Ray Oreggia, and a delicious buffet (cash bar). Tickets are $30 for members and $39 for nonmembers, from peter@musicisforever.com. Please distribute the attached flyer.


More Chords from Dick Dangel

I came across this rather busy-looking chart (email for a copy) which might be helpful for someone looking for a sort of dictionary of chords spelled out in all keys.

I call attention to the chord labeled Cm7b5, which is also more commonly referred to as C half diminished 7th and to my mind belongs between the Cm7 and C+7. You start with a plain ole dominant 7th chord (1, 3, 5, b7), then you flat the 3rd and 5th.

Also added the sus4 chord in C (suspended 4th means they suspended the 3rd in favor of the 4th) to get a fairly dissonant chord.

C11 is another version where the 4th degree of the scale is added on top of the 7th and 9th.

Finally, we have C13, which is a common jazz chord with 7th, 9th and the 6th. Numbers larger than 7 merely indicate that they want the dissonance normally at the top of the chord, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be voiced that way.