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December 20, 2009 - Happy Holidays!


Meeting Notes

“This was our best one yet,” many of us agreed after last Sunday’s holiday concert and potluck. The music was polished, varied, and plentiful; we had a standing-room-only crowd; and the buffet table groaned under the weight of all the dishes. Thanks to all who helped set up and clean up (and took care of all those miscellaneous tasks that went into producing this event), who performed, who brought food, and who came to listen and eat.

And thank you, Mother Nature, for not choosing last weekend to dump snow on us!


From the President, Karen Malan-Uribe

It is with much love and affection I deliver this message. Being the president/co-founder of WMAS has been truly a labor of love. It was an idea that came from playing a song that had a second part, and wishing for a partner to play with. From that idea this club has grown into a strong, thriving 70-member organization.

We put on a Christmas concert that drew an excited crowd of 130 people. The band sounded fantastic, having practiced hard and rehearsed every Sunday for what seemed like months. The ensemble was also equally wonderful. Showing the heights one could climb through dedication and the willingness to learn, study, and spend money on top-class instruments. I can’t say enough about the soloists, duets, and of course our dear emcee and conductor. Without the steady, consistent helping hand of the Executive Committee and a vast number of volunteers this would not have ever happened.

This is not the organization that was started in 2003. It has grown into a sophisticated group of musicians that have bonded together and found a common ground. Together everyone has improved their musical skills and deepened their love for the instrument.

This is the right time for new leadership. I have decided to withdraw my name from the nominating committee to run for president. Luis and I have been running the kitchen together and that spot will also have to be filled. I am confident, however, that people will step up with ideas, and volunteer to fill the gap. [New development: Peter DiGiovanni has agreed to run for president, and JoAnn Pankow has agreed to handle the kitchen.] Luis and I will continue to be supportive members of the club. We, however, look forward to sitting in the audience and enjoying the events.


Next Meeting – 4 pm, January 10, 2010, Sleepy Hollow United Methodist Church


1. Elect Officers

The slate of candidates is as follows:

Peter DiGiovanni – president

Joan Grauman – vice president

Mara Cherkasky – secretary/treasurer

Once elected, the president will appoint committee chairs.

2. Open Mic – Movie and Show Tunes

Please sign up to play!

Or just show up with something prepared.

3. Group Play-Along/Jam Session


Band ISO Accordionist

A DC-based band called The Nice Trys is looking for an accordionist to join the band. The first gig would be January 10.

Please see www.myspace.com/thenicetrys and respond to Joe Harris at absolutelyarchives@yahoo.com