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December 25, 2008


Message from the President

Happy holidays! I hope this message finds you well.

Our sixth annual holiday concert, on December 14, was the most successful one so far. Thanks to Joan Grauman the orchestra was ready with a variety of pieces, many of them arranged by Joan herself. Peter DiGiovanni also came up with a beautiful arrangement of “Ding Dong Merrily on High,” played by the Potomac Ensemble, which Joan also leads.

As always we invited the audience to sing along, but this year we had song books so people wouldn’t have to sing “la la la” when they forgot the words. Thanks to Lee and Dan for putting the song books together. We look forward to using them every year.

Besides the orchestra and ensemble the concert featured a variety of soloists, including, once again, the sensational Justin, who tap dances while playing the accordion. Justin is a student of Michael B. Rubin’s. Nobody else in the lineup tapped, but everyone played beautifully.

The masterful Master of Ceremonies Ken Kunec not only introduced all the musicians but also kept the audience laughing with his antics. We are booking him now for next year.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the concert a success! We appreciate all the additional volunteers we had this year: Joyce and Stacie showed up extra early to set up the chairs. Ron and Lee arrived with huge boxes of decorations, and Eugene and Ron pitched in to hang them up around the hall. Luis ran the kitchen with his able helpers: among them spouses of several of the musicians. Juliette and Cindy sat at the door and took donations.

Congratulations to all of you, and thanks for all the dedication you put into practicing and performing, preparing dishes for the potluck, setting up the room and cleaning up afterwards, and bringing your friends family members. It is so rewarding to see our group thrive and to witness the pleasure our music brings to the community. I look forward to more great events.

Next Meeting

At the January 11 meeting (just around the corner), Daniel Darrikhuma will present a program on using the accordion in sacred and gospel music. He plans to offer traditional hymns, sing-along-kids-type songs, contemporary praise and worship songs, and talk about playing with different types of musical groups (Southern gospel, blugrass, and ensemble). This will be something new to many of us, and should be a lot of fun – and inspirational.


Accordion USA Web Site

Our friend Rita Davidson, who played us a concert a couple years ago and often takes part in the AAMS festival, is now the editor of the Accordion USA web site. Rita is constanting adding new material; for example on January 1 she plans to post an interview with Mary Tokarski about her new CD. Be sure to check out the site, and look for Joan Grauman’s artwork.

Who Made the Turkey Quinoa Loaf?

Sally DiGiovanni would like to know who made this dish for the potluck. She’d like the recipe. (Please reply to this email, and we’ll forward the recipe to Sally.)

Lou Coppola CD

Lou Coppola has a sensational new CD out. He will be selling through the club and will donate $5 for each one sold (at $15).

See you soon!