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April 23, 2009


Meeting Notes

Lenny Feldmann was our guest artist at the April 19 meeting, and the question now is: why did we wait so long?? About 80 people turned out for an excellent workshop and concert.

Many commented afterwards about how eager they were to go home and try out what they’d learned in the workshop: improvisation on the blues and pentatonic scales; and building chords such as major sevenths and ninths on the bass side.

During the concert Lenny played a variety of pieces:

Charming Waltz (C. Kinkel)
On the Trail, a tone poem from Grand Canyon Suite (F. Grofé)
Oblivion (A. Piazzolla)
Mexican Carnival (D. Desiderio) with Joan Grauman on piano
All the Things You Are (J. Kern)
Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd, arr. by L. Feldmann as a Suite for Stradella Accordion)
Mademoiselle de Paris (arr. by F. Marocco) with Joan Grauman on accordion
Short Visit (S. Venglevski) with Joan Grauman on accordion
William Tell Overture (Rossini)
Three Coins in the Fountain (J. Styne)

As a bonus, Lenny provided copies of Charming Waltz, and he made his CDs available for $5. Everyone went home happy. More on Lenny is at www.cordeenman.com.

PS Lenny wrote us this email:

Thank you so much for having me. I really enjoyed your group. I have to say that they were the most attentive and responsive workshop audience I have ever had, plus they were very quick to pick up on all the new musical concepts I introduced to them
and they played their parts with excellence. Also, a pleasure to play the concert for them -- again, a very attentive and responsive group.


We would like to thank the members who helped make the day a success by showing up early to set up the room, running the “box office,” bringing snacks, and staying late to clean up.

However, we could use more people to help in the kitchen, especially afterwards when there are dishes to wash and put away, etc. Everyone wants to get home, so sharing the work will help all of us get there.

Also, we appreciate the snacks people bring but we’d appreciate them even more if the donors would do the final preparations on them, that is, get them ready to serve, and then also help clear them away afterwards.

A few more requests:

The church has asked us not to bring pets to our meetings/events unless they are service animals. Thanks for your cooperation!

If you haven’t yet paid your 2009 dues, please do so. The dues help us bring in two outside artists per year, and they cover the cost of the web site, any mailings, photocopying sheet music, coffee, birthday cake, door prizes, etc. We also ask that you throw a little money into the church donation basket each month. The church does not charge us rent, but we are expected to donate – an amount that is vastly smaller than rent would be. The member dues would have to be a lot higher if we didn’t have this separate donation basket.

Next month, May 17, is our member concert, and we are looking foward to hearing everyone’s latest tunes. Please let us know if you wish to be included on the program (5 minutes per person). Ken Kunec has agreed to be our emcee again – it’s always fun to see what sort of fun he’ll come up with -- so if you have anything you would like him to say about you, please write it on a piece of paper and have it ready to give him.



Practices at Jammin Java

Gary Koerner would like to reconstitute the beginners practice group that used to meet at Jammin Java on Maple Avenue in Vienna, Virginia. He would like to meet Saturday mornings at 9 am over coffee on the front porch, so please contact him at GKoerner@Verizon.Net or 703-938-3193 if you are interested.


Accordion Cruises

My name is Donato Di Tullio and I am the administrator of the International Accordion Forum (http://www.accordionplanet.net/forum).

I am pleased to announce the first festival organized by the International Accordion Forum on a cruise ship. ACCORDIONS CRUISE FESTIVAL will take place April 17-24, 2010.

I am writing to invite all Washington Metropolitan Accordion Society members to this festival. We can offer a discount of 25 euros per passenger on 1° and 2° bed in a double cabin.

During the festival we will have the following events:

1) Concerts every day

2) Accordion competitions

3) Accordion Master Class directed by Romano Viazzani

4) Product presentations by Musictech, Vignoni Accordions, Beltrami

Accordion etc.

5) All regular events of other Costa Cruises

Please visit the English section of

http://www.fisarmonicheincrociera.com for details about ACCORDIONS CRUISE FESTIVAL.