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May 17, 2004


Notes on the May 11 Meeting

What a successful Spring Concert we had May 11! WMAS members played an incredible variety of music, covering all ends of the globe and all styles of music. Truly we are an international group! I was amazed at the quality of playing, and pleased to see, several times, people dancing in the back of the room, including the gentlemen who were taping the program. It was a fun time for all ages and music for everyone to enjoy.

I also want to thank Dale Wise for conducting as we played together as a whole group.

I want to offer a heartfelt apology to Clay Bobrowski. He played at the
end of the program and, due my poor instructions, his song was difficult
to hear. I was a little nervous about the whole group playing with me,
and I encouraged people to get their accordions ready too early. I ask
for his forgiveness and have asked him to play for us again at the next
meeting. We look forward to that performance.

Anne Johnson of the WMAS special events committee would like to plan a picnic for the whole group, probably for Saturday or Sunday, June 26 or 27, in a public park with a shelter in case of rain. Or -- does anyone want to volunteer their backyard?

You may recall that Ron Charvet, at the concert, played the beautiful "Concierto de Arajuez" by ear. Well, Ron is interested in getting together with others to play Latin music. Just imagine that piece done with some electronic/regular harmony!
Please contact Ronald Charvet at (703) 273-9356 or charvet@concentric.net.
If you can't find a place large enough to meet, you can check the libraries, where people can sign up to use rooms on a month-to-month basis. The phone number for the George Mason Library is (703) 256-3800; the Web address is

I want to thank everyone who joined me at the Fort Myer Officers' Club for my
birthday a few Saturdays ago. It was a great party. Also, Paul Aebersold had a wonderful turnout at his "Mayday" houseboat party. The food was delicious, and it was fantastic to sit on the deck in the drizzle and sing along to Dale's and Peter's accordions. Photos will be posted soon on this site.

It seems that Dale Wise's June 12-13 repair workshop is full. But he is encouraging people to put their name on a waiting list so they'll be first in line for the next workshop he schedules. Contact Dale at (703) 507-9182 or accordionplus@aol.com.

We have a new executive committee member: Jim Vandelly will be doing
some PR for us. We look forward to seeing his articles in papers and on line.

We are going to return to using a food sign-up sheet, and I will provide the
coffee. If anyone would like to bring snacks for June, please contact me at
wmas2002@cox.net or (703) 671-5395. Thank you to Lola Charvet for the
wonderful cake and for helping in the kitchen at the May 11 meeting.

Thanks again, everyone, for a great Spring Concert, and welcome to the new
members! Don't forget to bring your accordions to the June 8 meeting (7:30 pm at Sleepy Hollow United Methodist Church) to play with small groups after Mike
Rubin's program, The World of Jewish music, and Clay's performance.

See you in June!