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Message from the President:

Tuesday night's meeting was a wonder of wonders. It included such a diverse array of accordions I was just in a daze by the time I left. This time, as people arrived, they took out their accordions and started playing the music that we had laid out on the table to share. Suddenly I heard a concertina and then a young high school student with a brand new "birthday" accordion playing away. It was difficult to get the meeting started--I hated to stop the music.

The first order of business was to vote on officers and discuss membership details and upcoming events (see below).

Then, several newcomers demonstrated their squeezeboxes. Dottie Beck talked about concertinas and played her own vintage model with its beautiful harmonic sound. She shared some music that she had written; later we played together and the concertina blended so nicely with the piano accordions.

Next, Sylvia Eberly sang and played her button accordion. Originally from Austria, Sylvia also plays piano accordion and teaches. Jim Briley and Michael Boicourt demonstrated their Louisiana-made Cajun button boxes (accompanied by a triangle), and explained how the instruments work. The music was delightful, and everyone had lots of questions.

The final performance was by Mort Herald, who recently moved to this area from Chicago, where he led a 20-piece accordion band. This was a wonderful demonstration of some classic pieces played on a professional piano accordion. Mort also has written some music books.

Following the individual performances, we broke up into our groups of various levels and played the songs that we were comfortable with.

At our next meeting, Paul Przedpelski, our membership chairman, will present a workshop on the inside of the accordion. I have always been curious about what goes on in there, and I look forward to seeing everyone April 8 at 7:30 pm at Sleepy Hollow Methodist Church.

Take care, Karen Denice Malan-Uribe


At the March 11 meeting, the group voted to accept the slate of officers presented by the executive committee: Karen Denice Malan-Uribe as president; Mara Cherkasky as secretary-treasurer (she hopes to relinquish the treasurer post to someone else); Paul Przedpelski as membership chairman, and Anne Johnson and Janice Lavoie as events co-chairs.


Dues will be $10 for this year (each person is also supposed to put a couple dollars in the basket at each meeting for the church space). Paul passed out membership forms to fill out and return. A form is also included at the end of this email, along with an address for mailing it in with the dues (checks may be written to WMAS). You will then receive a membership card, which also will serve as a receipt of payment. Mara is setting up a WMAS bank account at Chevy Chase Bank, which has free checking on a no-interest account for six months, and then the fee is $5 a month. Paul will be putting together a member directory. We want to build up our membership, so please spread the word.

Nicholas Shelly offered to work on a web site and handle the domain name, host, etc.

Anyone who wants to volunteer for anything or who has ideas for programs or events, please make yourself known!


March 17 (and every Monday), 7:30-10:30 pm: Open mike at Jammin Java, 227 Maple Avenue East, Vienna, Va. (Route 123 East from Route 234 West).
(703) 255-1566, contact Steve Key if you want to play ( Dale Wise
is supposed to be on the bill this Monday.

May 17: Picnic at Dale Wise's farm. This will be an all-day event with food, hiking, a massed band, etc. More details will be sent out soon.

Dec. 7: Holiday concert at Sleepy Hollow Church and possibly a WMAS potluck.

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Washington Metropolitan Accordion Society
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Write check for $10 to WMAS.
Mail completed form and payment to WMAS Membership, Paul Przedpelski, 6716
Fern Lane, Annandale, VA 22003. Thanks!