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January 12, 2005


Meeting Notes

Falls Church may be far from Paris, but if you closed your eyes during last evening's meeting you might have been able to imagine yourself in another place and time. In the handout he distributed before his program, Steve Tchamouroff wrote: "Welcome to the tree-lined boulevards of Paris and the heyday of the Bal Musette. Sit back with your cafe au lait and croissant and relax as Steve Tchamouroff and other performers ... serenade you with a collection of the finest accordion classics ever made."

(Click here to read Steve's history of the Bal Musette. Mara, especially, is thankful for the information, since she attended a Bal Musette in France a couple of years ago and wanted to know more about the event's origins.)

The tunes flowed so freely out of Steve's accordion that the 40-some members of the audience barely had a chance to become aware of one before it had turned into another. From his huge repertoire, we heard the following:

From France:
La Seine
La Petite Valse
Sur les Ponts de Paris
Sous le Ciel de Paris
Retour des Hirondelles
La Vie en Rose
Un Homme et une Femme
Can Can

From Russia:
Midnight in Moscow
Gary Gary
Those Were the Days
Plain ma Plain

From Italy:
The Godfather
Traveglio e Sogno
Finiculi Finicula
O Solo Mio
That's Amore
Quando Quando
Let's Forget Domani

From Spain:
Gatitos Negros
Viva Espana
Espana Cani
Limon Limonero
Morena de mi Copla
El Relicario

From Portugal:
April in Portugal

From Austria:
The Count of Luxembourg
Princess Czardas

From Hungary:
Hungarian Dance #5

From Turkey:

From Greece:
Never on Sunday

Thank you, Steve, for transporting us to such lovely and exotic places. We look forward to hearing more from you another time. Thank you, also, Jim Vandelly and Peter DiGiovanni for playing a few selections at the end of Steve's program.

Next Meeting

Next month we will be celebrating our second anniversary with a Polka Night. If you haven't signed up to play a polka or two, please do so by emailing Mara.

So far we have:
Elise Malouf - Can Can Polka & Parade Polka
Ken Yegelski - a couple of tunes on the Chemnitzer concertina
Karen - Julida Polka
Lee Paulson & Barbara Lockett - Just Because, untitled Lithuanian Polka & Sakijarven
Phil Fox - Helena Polka & Mama's Pajamas
Paul Przedpelsi - Pennsylvania Polka & TBA
Joan & Stella - Kitty Whiskers Polka & Achtung Los Polka
Paul Aebersold - Hoop-de-do & TBA
Jim Vandelly - Koketka Polka
Vic Aijala - Finnish & Swedish polkas
Rick & Mara - Hupaj Siupaj Medley & Sophie Polka
Ellen Sellers - Vijando en Polka
Barbara Lockett - Viva Seguin (Mexican), Rain Rain (Bohemian) & Finger Polka (Lithuanian)
Dave Ball - tunes on the Chemnitzer concertina
Leone & Mara - Broken Reed Polka
Bob Duca - Tic Toc Polka
Anne & Ellen - Village Tavern

In addition, Mike Rubin has agreed to give polka lessons. Bring your friends and family, and also your dancing shoes!

It's Membership Renewal Time!

It's that time again. Please mail your $15 dues for 2005 to Mara Cherkasky, 1801 Park Road, NW, Washington, DC 20010, or pay at the next meeting.

Accordion Day

This was news to us, but we've learned that January 13 is Accordion Day! Send your friends and loved ones a special accordion card by going to this Web site:
http://www.123greetings.com/events/accordian_day/. You can also find this link on the Miscellany and Links pages of this site.

AAMS 18th Annual Festival and Symposium

The American Accordion Musicological Society will hold its anual festival March 4-6 at the Wyndham Valley Forge Suites in Wayne, Pa. Jim Vandelly is a regular participant in this event, and, by all accounts, it's a load of fun. It will be even better if a lot of WMAS members show up. For more information, contact Joanna Arnold Darrow at (856) 854-6628 or see http://www.aamsaccordionfestival.com.


The Golden Age of the Accordion

The publisher of the book The Golden Age of the Accordion has contacted us to say he now can ship five books in a single box by "flat rate" priority mail for only $7.70. If five of us (or multiples of five) want to order copies of the book, we can do it jointly and save some money. Each individual's cost would come to $37.49, versus $44.95 if the books were shipped separately by standard priority mail (a savings of $7.46 per book). Please reply to this email if you are interested, and send a check for $37.49 to Mara Cherkasky, 1801 Park Road, NW, Apt. 8, Washington, DC 20010. Write the check to WMAS.

The contact information for the publisher is:

Edwin Davison, Co-author, "The Golden Age of the Accordion "


Marvin Cohen (not Merv Conn) Dies

Joan Grauman reports that the accordionist Marvin Cohen, of Silver Spring, died New Year's Eve. Marv Cohen performed regularly in the area, mostly in nursing homes and senior centers. He was only 65 years old.