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February 11, 2004


Notes on the February 10 Meeting


WMAS celebrated its first anniversary February 10 with cake and a rendition of "Happy Birthday to Us." (Thanks to Leone Monticone for bringing a cake decorated with an accordion in black icing!) One year ago, February 11, 2003, about 25 people showed up for our first meeting; thirteen meetings later, we're already old friends.


Due to the death of a colleague, Michael B. Rubin was not able to attend last night's meeting and present "The World of Jewish Music" as planned. We look forward to hearing this program at the June meeting instead. Meanwhile, Mike will be performing later this month with Hexagon in its annual political/satirical review; more information is at www.washingtonaccordions.org.

We were fortunate that Paul Aebersold was able to take Mike's place at the last minute, offering a marvelous program of Viennese café music. He demonstrated many of the pieces he plays at Café Mozart (1331 H Street, NW, DC) every Saturday at lunchtime: music that one would have heard in Vienna 50 years ago, such as Strauss waltzes, Brahms' Hungarian dances, drinking songs, marches and pieces by Robert Stolz.

Paul explained that he enjoys playing "background music" because it is less stressful than being on stage, and because he can stretch out the songs with embellishments and modulations without worrying about the audience's attention span. (Karen asked if he would concentrate on modulations in a future workshop.) A number of people tried out Paul's accordion, a 42-key Grüber with 3 clarinet reeds, a bassoon, and no piccolo.

Following the main program, Barbara Lockett and Lee Paulson played three short duets: Minuet from Anna Magdalena's Notebook; Dance of the Honeybees by Benjamin Richmond and arranged by Pietro Diero; and Bublitchki, arranged by Cliff Scholl. They dedicated the second piece to Karen, who had introduced the two women and suggested they play together.

Paul Przedpelski distributed membership directories and reminded people that the $15 annual membership fee is due now . Mara also reminded people to submit their t-shirt order forms before March 1 (there's an order form at www.washingtonaccordions.org). Joan and Dan Grauman set up a sales table for their SqueezinArt products and seemed to be doing a lively business.

We're looking forward to having Ron Onda with us next month playing Accordion Classics of the 1950s. Marjamann Pojat (Finnish music) is on the program in April, and the May meeting will include a mini-concert of member solos, duets and small groups, so please start practicing now.

Finally, the communications secretariat apologizes for not sending out a meeting reminder; however, we do meet faithfully every month, and program information is always posted at www.washingtonaccordions.org.


News from Carol "Bingo the Clown" Collins

Just wanted to tell you why my life has been a little hectic. I am actively involved with a caring clown organization and will be visiting orphanages in Vietnam between 2/22 and 3/6.  I can't bring my accordian but I will play my harmonica!